Assy observatory

We invite you to look on some views of the observatory on Assy-Turgen plateau. This plateau with altitude 2750 m is surrounded by distant mountain rifts and the sky is open to about 2-3 degrees over horizon. Most part of the 100-km way from Alma-Ata to Assy is normally asphalted excluding more hard part in the river Turgen canyon and last rising part of the road to the plateu.

The road along the river Turgen canyon

The rocks in canyon

The distant panoramic view on the Assy-Turgen plateau

Panoramic view from plateau towards eastern horizon

The tower of 1.5-m telescope and the building with living rooms and the dinner room

Two views of the 1-meter telescope dome.

1-meter telescope

This is the stereo-anaglyph image. You could see the 3D-view if use the color glasses with left RED filter and right BLUE or GREEN filter

Thank you for your interest to our observatory.
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