MARS 1999 - Observations from Alma-Ata

Welcome to our page with Mars images, which were prepared in the Fessenkov Astrophysical Institute (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan) during 1999 opposition of planet. These images were recorded with CCD-camera ST-6V connected with 0.6-meter telescope. Telescope is located in the observatory near Alma-Ata and used for more or less regular observations of the Solar system objects (planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, their satellites, comets and other celestial bodies) by the collaborators of the Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Physics. Although these images of Mars are not so high quality as presented now by many participants of the Mars Watch Program, we believe that they could be useful because they were recorded at the time range when European and American observers can't see Mars. The great cyclone on Mars discovered by Hubble Space Telescope 27 April 1999 is seen on our CCD-images of Mars obtained 24, 25 and 26 April 1999 at the wavelengths shorter 550 nm.

0.6-meter telescope with CCD-camera

CCD-images of Mars